La Que Sabé

High Vibrational Botanicals Divinely Designed to Heal , Invoke, and Activate Your Wild, Instinctual Self

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Michelle's "Get Thru This" and Sacred Space spray have been so powerful for me and my practice since stumbling across her. Her energy just radiates when you meet her. Her focus on self-love in your practice is evident in the quality of her products. If you need some positive magick in your life, definitely look to Michelle. Love&Light!

Katlin Davies, Denver, CO

Michelle is an exceptional healer with a warm and nurturing presence. Her intuitive energy work did amazing things for my body/mind/soul. Her healing abilities are as expansive as the love she has in her heart. Oh, and her La Que Sabe products are top notch! I'm a body worker myself, and use her Chakra Sprays and massage oils on my clients. Everyone who has tried them, loves them. You need this woman in your life!

Naomi Ochoa Brunn, Denver, CO

My daughter and I religiously use the "Face Anything" facial moisturizer. It's the only thing that had helped the both of us with our hormonal outbreaks, reduces my apparent wrinkles and smells beyond amazing! I love the ethics of La Que Sabe, because you can literally FEEL the love and magic that is made with this product!!!

Mariah Bottomly, Denver, CO

I have never experienced a healing session like the one I had with Michelle. First we talked. Michelle is so exceptionally intuitive. I felt so much more connected after our session. She then did some table work with me that was incredible. I am a skeptic at heart and I have to say, the things that I went through after I left her were undeniably powerful: joy, pain, healing, lessons learned. This is the truest form of healing, gathering from centuries and centuries of Indigenous teachings. I have already spoken to many people about my amazing experience, and will be returning to dig deeper. Thank you Michelle

Sarah Studzinski, Denver, CO

La Que Sabe is what the world needs more of in these times and always. I felt so safe and held during our session together. Michelle is an open vessel for the Divine Feminine, and truly emanates Unconditional Love. Her ability to receive messages, and give her clients the guidance and clarity to facilitate healing, is unparalleled in a world saturated with psuedo-healers and charlatans. I appreciate her and her work from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, and her Uncrossing Scrub is the bomb. No más mal de ojo para mi. I enjoyed using it daily leading up to my trip to Costa Rica and my skin and spirit thanked her and I each time.

Jenna Christine Manchengo

About La Que Sabé

Find Your Wild Within

I believe that everyone came to this planet, to this place and time, in this lifetime, to heal themselves, to be free of their ancestral wounds, to ascend deeper into One Consciousness. It is through our individual healing work that we will heal ourselves, heal our ancestors, and our planet. Every step we take towards working on ourselves, we take one step forward to fulfilling our ancestors’ dreams. So many came before us to ensure that  we have the opportunity to be free. We are our ancestor’s wildest dreams and it is our innate right to be in touch with our wild, instinctual selves.

My mission here is to assist those who are ready to connect with their deep knowing, to their ancestral memory. I do this by assisting folks on their healing journeys and by helping them find their soul voice, their deepest song, their best medicine. Together, we revive La Que Sabé, the Wild One, within.

If you are a person who is ready to do the internal work of healing, of fulfilling your mission here on Earth, then join me as we collectively free ourselves. Say yes to your purpose. Say yes to your work. Say yes to living a life so deliciously blissful that you radiate your light for all to bask in. Say yes, to you. You deserve it. We need you. Let’s get free together.