Seduction Sachet Powder
Seduction Sachet Powder

Seduction Sachet Powder

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Seduce the object of your desire. Turn a situation to your favor. This Seduction Sachet Powder attracts and draws your desired interest to you. Become more alluring with these magical Herbs and Roots and seduce your object of affection. 

Brush your Seduction Sachet Powder to areas that you know will be in contact and within range of scent of the person you would like to seduce. A great way to use it is as a setting powder for your makeup! 

To Use:

Use a powder brush and place on your body before before seeing the person you wish to attract. I like to use along my neck and hands, places I know will be in contact with my crush. 

Sprinkle over letters (pulling the powder towards you) written to whom you desire. 

Natural curio. Hand - made and poured.