Easy Now: Bath Salts for Grief

Easy Now: Bath Salts for Grief

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We rarely give ourselves space and time to grieve. Often, our grief catches up to us and we find ourselves with big emotions that can be overwhelming. To support you during these times, eye offer you Easy Now: Bath Salts for Grief. 

Easy Now was created to give you the energetic support you need when you are experiencing heartache. Every herb in this mixture was carefully chosen to bring you the strength of herb allies during your time of need.


Activated energy in this beautiful blend brings you:

  • Support of the heart
  • Energy support to hold the grief of the heart 
  • Clarity in the situation that’s causing pain 
  • A pause to the cyclical nature of grief (from thinking about it again and again)
  • Dreamless sleep, so you can actually rest
  • Divine Love to fill you and your heart back up

All of these energetic qualities are part of your purchase. Put your healing rituals back into your hands and give your spirit the.support it needs. 

To Use:

Pour bath salts into hot bath water. Allow yourself the space to be energetically held. Set your intentions for your heart and ask your spirit guides for what you need. Gently step into the bath and let the herb allies soothe your tender heart.