Easy Now: Bath Salts for Heartache
Easy Now: Bath Salts for Heartache

Easy Now: Bath Salts for Heartache

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Heartache is brutal. We often find ourselves overwhelmed and entrenched when we suffer loss. Whether you're experiencing heartache due to a loss of a loved one, a break-up, or just becoming broken down from excessive troubles of the world - this bath soak will help ease the way as you transition into calmer territory.

This bath soak is comprised of a mixture of herbs and dead sea salt that well take you to special place where you can find ease, relaxation, and comfort. Herbs are wonderful allies that we can turn to when in need. This soak contains the following herbs to assist you as you care for yourself:

Hawthorn Berries- to hold your heavy heart and help with the grief.

Agrimony - to gain clarity of the situation, find balance, and to assist in a dreamless sleep so you can rest.

Rose - to bring in some love and gentility to your sweet self.

When you find yourself experiencing grief and heartache, pour a handful of these salts into a hot bath and gently easy your tender self in. Close your eyes and allow yourself to rest for a moment. Let the herbs do their work. Heartache is hard, give yourself this loving heart medicine.