Energy Cleanse Scrub
Energy Cleanse Scrub

Energy Cleanse Scrub

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Keep your energy clear to feel good in your body. We come into contact with multiple energies every day. This energy attaches to us and can make us feel heavy and down.

Maintain your frequency with this spiritual cleanse. Every herb and ingredient in this blend assists, balances, and elevates your energy. Pure intentions, prayers, and Reiki energy are poured into every jar to elevate your spirit with each use.


* Harnesses the energy of plants and flowers in this blend work as allies to cleanse and clear negative energy and to instill a peaceful state.
* High Vibrational Ingredients ensure that you are getting the most potently active ingredients
* Cleans and Clears Energy so you can be free of negative vibes and the weight of other people's energy
* Invokes peace which can reduce stress and improve health
* Relaxing creates an environment for a healthier mind, body, and spirit
* Balancing
* Centering
* Self Restoration
* Reiki Charged by Reiki Master
* Reiki Healing Energy intuitively Balances and Heals the Mind, Body, and Spirit
* Great Self Care practice to help ensure sustainability in your life
* promotes Self Love practices that help set you free
* Raises Vibrations to help you in your ascension process
* Supports a Women of Color owned small business
* Beautiful glass jar with silver View lid adds to your bathroom decor

To Use:
Set the intention to clear and balance your energy. Scoop a handful of scrub and begin rubbing into skin. Open and receive the energy as you clear your body.