Get Thru This Anti-Anxiety Mist
Get Thru This Anti-Anxiety Mist

Get Thru This Anti-Anxiety Mist

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If you're someone who could use a special tool to help you get through stressful moments. If you struggle with anxiety, then this Calming Spray is for you.

Get Thru This calming spray was created to help during those moments in life when you need a little peace and a little calm to help to get through stressful times. This misting spray is wonderful to spritz when you want some peace and tranquility.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation where you just need to get through the moment, shake your bottle, and gently mist yourself. Feel the calming mist shift your energy and give you what you need to "get thru"the moment.

• Helps with anxiety
• Soothing
• Creates a sense of peace
• Made with Great Intention
• Infused with Reiki Energy
• High Vibrational
• Creates a calm state
• Shifts your energy
• Jasmine & Basil Essential Oil

This spray utilizes the energetic properties of two powerful plant allies: Jasmine and Basil. In this spray Jasmine and Basil essential oils come together with great intention to give you a moment of peace during your busy day. Carry this magical mist with you and use it throughout your day.

2 oz