Heart Chakra Tea

Heart Chakra Tea

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Let your heart open and remember what it means to give and receive abundantly.

Release the traumas and pain, the fears and the doubts. Open up your heart center and allow yourself to feel free.

This Happy Heart Chakra Tea is designed to gently open you up. The herbs, prayer, and energy used to create this magical blend will take you on a journey of release and forgiveness. It will gently assist you as you remove the blocks that have hardened your heart. It will chase away dark feelings of hate, bitterness, and grief.

As you journey, the herb allies used in this blend will bring courage and strength, as it brings clarity through the Heart Chakra. Simultaneously, it will gently open your Heart Chakra and connect you with love for self and for humanity, as a whole.

Sip your tea and observe as the herbs teach you to slow down and become more kind to yourself. Watch as your heart strengthens, gladdens, and becomes full of expression. Feel the connection it brings to self and the world around you.