Ignite My Fire Incense: Gain Clarity About Your Path

Ignite My Fire Incense: Gain Clarity About Your Path

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Do you need clarity on your path? Are you feeling the call of your mission here on Earth? Need a nudge in the right direction? 

If you are ready to gain insight and are ready to receive your messages, then you are ready to meditate with this incense. Ignite My Fire was created to help you have clarity about your path. To help you find the courage and fortitude within to take the first steps, the next steps on your journey.

Every herb in this incense has been activated to assist you in seeking your answers.

Ignite My Fire is the perfect tool to help you on your path. Utilize this incense to gain clarity and courage. 

To Use:

  • Find a quiet place to center yourself
  • Take some deep, clearing breaths... allow your mind to quiet
  • Light a charcoal (one will come with your incense)
  • Take a pinch of the incense, ask for guidance, and put it on top of that charcoal
  • Meditate 
  • As you meditate, welcome any messages that come, and any form that they arrive. Don't question anything. Allow the answers to come to you.