Luscious Loc Butter: Hair Twisting Cream

Luscious Loc Butter: Hair Twisting Cream

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Nothing will nourish your hair better than this all-natural Loc Butter. Made with high-vibrational, vegan ingredients, this twisting cream will nourish your hair and scalp without leaving any sticky residue. It's lightweight, moisturizing ingredients have a nice hold and leave smooth roots. It's anti-bacterial ingredients will keep your locs in optimum health in between washes.

Treat yourself to the haircare you deserve and add shine, moisture, and hold as you twist your beautiful hair into tresses that are envied.

Scents Offerred:

• Egyptian Musk
• Unscented

All oils and butters are made in small batches, with great intention. Each ingredient has energy and prayer put into it. All ingredients are ethically sourced and made in a Women of Color owned shop.

Product Features:

• Natural Ingredients
• Made in Small Batches
• Non Residual
• Anti Bacterial
• Lightweight
• Adds Shine
• Promotes Natural Healthy Hair
• Egyptian Musk Scent
• Moisturizing
• Smooth Roots
• Nice Hold
• Beautiful Amber Glass Jar
• Women of Color Owned Business
• Vegan
• Hi Vibrational Ingredients
• 4 oz