Sacred Space Mist
Sacred Space Mist

Sacred Space Mist

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You deserve peace and tranquility everywhere you go. Having a smokeless smudge spray allows you to utilize all the clearing energy of sage without setting off the smoke alarm. Carry this bottle with you everywhere you go to cleans and clear negative energy on your person, in your home, your workspace, or your car.

Every ingredient in this spray has been prayed over and infused with reiki energy by a Reiki Master to brighten, uplift, and promote healing for you and whoever enters your space. This calming energy promotes calmer more restful conversations and feelings in your environment. Sacred Smudge spray is the perfect energy tool to maintain high vibes everywhere you go.

To Use:

Shake gently and spray the fine mist on the person or room that you wish to cleanse. Avoid contact with eyes.

/ Details:

• High Vibrational Ingredients
• Smokeless
• Clears Negative Energy on Person or Space
• Brightens, Uplifts, and Promotes Healing
• Blesses the person or room that it's sprayed in
• Promotes Love on All Levels
• Can Be Used on Person, Room, or Car
• Versatile Size Allows You to Take it With You Everywhere You Go
• Cleanses and Clears Your Aura
• Infused with Reiki Energy by Reiki Master (Me!)
• Handmade in Small Batches