Self Love Gift Sets

Self Love Gift Sets

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Ritualize your Self Love routine with this beautifully crafted Self Love Gift Set. Nourish your heart with everything you need to open the door and lay claim to loving yourself.

• Thoughtfully intentional gift
• High Vibrational intentions that are transferred to receiver
• Initiates heart healing
• Uplifts and fills heart with Hight Vibrations
• Promotes beauty within
• Promotes self love and love for others
• Reiki charged herbs and oils
• Balancing
• Puts ritual into your hands
• Lovely Heart Medicine that soothes and Promotes love in your Heart

In this Gift Set, you will receive:

Self Love Bath Salts- Beautiful Herbs and Flowers Set I’m Dead Sea Salt programmed to help you let go of what no longer serves you, to heal your heart, and to bring in pure love of Self.

Self Love Oil- a Magickal essential oil blend constructed to open, uplift, and fill your heart with high vibrations and beauty.

Rose Quartz Crystal- Rose Quartz is a special stone that works on the heart. It promotes love of self and love for others.

Every herb and oil I use is prayed over and given Reiki energy to lift it to its highest frequency. You will feel the effect of these vibrations in your body and spirit.